Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ang Liham...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sept 21sts: Freedom for Mae!

my resignation letter
Today starts my last week as an online-English teacher.

It has been 6yrs to be precise. I can still remember my 1st day at work way back in Oct 2006... I was sooo nervous and unsure with my English skills then (even now! hihih). I didn't know anything about teaching or what. All I knew then was I wanted a decent job where I didn't need to work on weekends so I can spend quality time for self development. Yeah even way way before 2006, I valued MY own happiness and development more than my job.

Last Sept 21, I finally filed my resignation. I find it funny coz in 2009, same date, my long time fiance and I also parted ways. During that time, I considered Sept 21 as my FREEDOM Day, and so for this time, yeah I believe I'm once again FREE!

Despite the fact that I am gonna lose my day job in less than a week, I dunno why I don't really feel too pressured to work. I'm actually not worried! I plan to stay home for a while and rest. Try cooking more. Learn to make jam, redecorate my room, set-up a mini-studio for food photography... basically the things I wanna do in life. I feel the things I placed on my vision board at the start of this year are finally manifesting! =)  I'd like to focus on some stuff for now. Crazy as it may seem but I'd like to align myself with my passions even more. And besides, I got a lot of things to do. We got lots of food and travel features as well as up-coming talks on events! There is soooo much to look forward to and be grateful for. =)

I dunno why but I'm not worried. Though there may be times when I would feel a bit melancholy about things, I just try to turn things around by being hopeful instead. Having this "attitude of gratitude" has worked so well for me that my faith has became ever firm.... for now, I just have to be more patient as the Universe organizes things for me. Though I'm not actively applying for a job yet, I somehow know that one of these days, I'm gonna attract the perfect one for me! I dunno how but I KNOW it! hihihihi

Many people tell me I should be more serious with my life... look for a more stable job, get married and have kids and all! I really would love that to happen specially with the getting married and raising kids thing but, I do think that there's a proper time for that and the right person to do it with. I'm not losing hope. I know I'm meant to have a loving hubby and kids in the future... I know that I will attract the perfect mate for me in the coming days =)

For now, my job is to be happy and be more eager with the bright future ahead of me =)

I wonder what my future Sept 21sts would be???