Friday, December 16, 2011

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When Words Get In The Way...

Let me tell you something very personal…

I’m very sensitive with words…. I tend to take them very seriously that I oftentimes feel offended with even the slightest jokes or statements. Due to my calm and controlled nature, I tend to just shut-up and keep quiet whenever I encounter such ordeal...but deep inside me, a scar has been left.

For me, the measure of how educated a person is, is by the actions and choice of words which he/she utters. Everybody goes to school… it’s mandatory. There is no excuse to be illiterate in this age. Yet still, many people haven’t grasped the essence of being an “educated” person.  

It is good to be straight forward from time to time but you have to express it the best way possible.  I agree to my friend’s dad with the statement “There’s always a better way of saying things.” It’s just a play of words. Your choice of words can make or break relationships you see? And the worst thing is that most of the time, we tend to be so insensitive with what we’ve said. Little do we realize that we are already pushing precious people away from us… People who genuinely care for us.. By these irresponsible actions we slowly kill their spirits. And then in the future we later wonder why they left us.
blurting out my feelings a little...

I know that you yourself have been a victim of this for countless times.  I really hate hearing people giving you hints in a jokingly manner (nagpaparinig)… then you just smile and pretend like you didn’t care ‘coz you still had the decency to show them respect. I wish I had the courage to talk back =( 

You see, as brave as I may seem, I do find myself very much afraid of confrontations most of the time so I just keep my mouth shut. How I wish that someone would stand up and defend me for once. I really would like to know how it feels to be protected. =(

I’m still very saddened with what I heard…but I expect no apologies.  In my dreams! In these times, I have nobody to turn to but only myself. I’ve somehow managed to not to rely on anyone.

Beneath this intimidating mask is a little girl in need of some affection and understanding.  A longing to somehow feel worthy and appreciated … All I do, is do my best to grow and rise above the weeds which surround me, yet they still make efforts to drag me down the pits! 

I really don’t expect those guilty ones to change… I know it’s all gonna be on how I react on their every attack. I don’t wanna pretend to be strong for I feel very much oppressed with no one to rescue me. =(

Let me introduce you to my demon:
What’s new Mae? You should be used to these hurtful words by now….and never ever expect that someone would defend you! They’re too busy running their own lives… hiding their secrets…. building more and more lies that they don’t have any room for you! You will still be forgotten Mae, just like another facebook status posted on a wall that has been pushed to the abyss by newer worldly ideas…. Put an end to your weird ideas which nobody cares about and face the horrid facts of life.  You’re not as special as you think! End your life now.. what difference does it make anyway?  You’re not meant to be here!  NOBODY cares about you! You’re a lunatic Mae!
….. this is what I would hear in my head most of the time which I often try to defeat. Sometimes, I’m even convinced by the truth of these statements yet still, I manage to somehow reason with myself just to keep it all going.
stop or go?

I would have to admit that I’m still impaled with the statements. I am not a superwoman where I’m supposed to show bravery all the time. I do have my set of weaknesses which I’m not ashamed of… 

I also have the right to cry at times....

I wish people would be more sensitive next time.... =(

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tips Para Sa Mga Girsl!!!

Aaminin ko, lagi ako naiinis sa mga kababaihan these days to the point na minsan naisip ko kung babae nga ba talaga ko? Dami kseng kaartehan!
Di ko na magets! Pero syempre I know I'm a girl. No doubt! Pero hindi naman ako uber arte! hay nako!

kapag naiirita!

Hindi ako experto sa pag-ibig. Lately ko lang nadiskubre na isa kong babaeng torpe. Lakas pala ng loob huh? Wala! Wala! Siguro kse kapag alam mong totoo na, shet! Basta shet! Yun na yun!
Out of words ang loka! Grrrrr

Ewan ko ba kung baket lagi nalang ako napapagtanungan ng mga bagets sa FB tungkol sa pag-ibig! hahahahaha Ano bang meron saken?
Mukha bakong DJ? Feeling ko minsan shock absorber ako sa dami ng problemang nasasagap ko on a regular basis. Dapat nga yata nag-psychologist nalang ako, baka yumaman pa ko. Anyway, wala din naman akong ibang pinapayo.. most of the time nakikinig lang ako.

Pansin ko, karamihan sa mga babae... hay nako.... me problema sa insecurity nila. They don't feel contented with their relationships 'coz they're always demanding more from their bf. At the first few months, they fall in-love and have fun. Some even sleep with them (after a month) right away and get lots and lots of sex. But after let's say 3-6months, they become demanding. They become overly needy and needs to be constantly re-assured. Me mga patesting-testing pang nalalaman at may pahirit-hirit pa na, "I think you don't really love me!" They start to doubt their bfs and make a big deal out of petty issues. In short, they turn into nagging bitches! O diba nakakainis no? Kung ikaw nga naman ang bf, gusto mo ba ng ganun? Lagi kang dinadramahan ng gf mo? Pathetic!

Hay, it all boils down to insecurity. Kung confident at secure ka sa sarili mo, walang space para sa mga thoughts na nega... You'll just be so busy making your partner happy... making both of you happy and make the love grow and grow. Ganun dapat. A relationship should give you happiness... hindi lang sexually pero much much deeper than that. I know madaming tests na pagdadaanan... pero yun yung mga magpapatibay ng samahan. Totoo yun!

Eto girls ang mga tips ko para senyo. Again, I'm not an expert but this might help so you'd feel less insecure and look less desperate in front of your man.
kanya kanyang trip lang yan!

1. Be Confident- aaminin ko, minsan selosa din ako.. pero sakto lang. Syempre kapag love mo isang tao, imposibleng di ka magselos. Pero dapat nasa lugar. At kung nafifeel mo yun, don't be afraid to tell your man once. Again.. ONCE! Wag paulit-ulit. Nakakaurat yun I'm telling you! Once na nasabi mo na, if he really cares about you, he'll find a way to make you not jealous. Minsan kse baka di lang nila napapansin so dapat, aware sila.. so tell them straight up.Walang drama.. walang paawa effect na laos na sa takilya ok? If he still flirts with other women at alam mo ibang level na... that's your signal! EXIT KA NA! Di mo kelangan ng ganun lalo na kung alam mong faithful ka sa kanya.

2. Huwag magkita araw araw! - Pramis! I swear! I know madami sa inyo ay adik na adik at laging gusto dumikit sa inyong bf... pero wag. Baket? Nakakasakal! Tao din naman sya na may sariling buhay.... give yourselves space.... room to grow! Maganda din yung namimiss nyo ang isa't isa para exciting! hahahha

3. Get a LIFE! - Pursue your dreams and support him in his as well. You should also do other things aside from thinking of him. Get a hobby, go out with friends. Explore! Have fun! A relationship should free you and never chain you in one place or with one person. Magpakabusy ka sa ibang bagay na worthwhile.. in short, develop yourself. Kapag nakita ng bf mo na happy ka sa ginagawa mo, he'll be more supportive of you not to mention,  maiiwasan mo din magdemand ng time nya.

my student Melody drew this for me
4. Let Him Be - Give your man space. Never control him!  FYI: tao ang bf mo ok? Wag kang umasa na 24/7 syang dikit syo.. linta ang tawag sa ganun! Kung trip nya magdota, fine! Makipaglaro ka din (favorite hero ko si Barathrum)!  Kung trip nyang makipag-inuman sa mga tropa nya minsan... go go go! Hayaan mo syang mag-enjoy. You don't have to join him always and I don't advice you to do so.... give him his space. But always make him feel loved. Reassure mo din syang andyan ka for him.

5. Know your role - Ano nga ba ang role naten?  Lalo na tayong mga girls... alam natin dapat ang ating roles bilang babae. We should know how to serve our man... and let them be men! Ganun ang magandang partnership... dapat suportahan! Let them lead.. kaya nila yan!  Make them feel good about themselves. We should also learn on how to handle them para syempre they will respect us as women. Never ever make them feel inferior (nobody wants that). Stop nagging and try to be more sensitive with his feelings. Wag silang i-overpower... respect his pride. We should know our place in the animal kingdom. If you want to make your point.. do it in a loving way.

6. Feed your mind- magbasa-basa din kyo... wag maging bobo ok? Be informed, manindigan. Una, panget sa babae ang bobo. Maganda ka and all.. sunod ka nga sa uso. Me i-pad ka nga... wala namang laman utak mo? Ay kaderder! Ano naman ang pag-uusapan ninyo kung wala kang alam? Aside from sexual intercourse, there is this thing called mental intercouse. Most of the time, you'll be verbally interacting with your mate so it pays to feed your coconut. Physical beauty fades in time....
e kung ganyan ka talaga! Be yourself!

7. Be yourself - I-appreciate mo kung ano ang meron ka. Be contented with what you got. Wag mong hanapin yung mga bagay na wala syo. Kung natural kang morena, then love it! Kung mala ita ang iyong buhok... so what? ikaw yan e! kahit paulit-ulit mo pang iparebond yan... hay! ambot! Isa pa, wag maging mapang-panggap... baket? Halata e! Pramis! Hindi kse natural!  At hindi bagay... for the simple reason na hindi yan ikaw. Kaya nga dba sbi ko, dapat idevelop ang sarili. Wag gaya-gaya!

8. Be honest - Sus! very basic sa GMRC pero madami parin ang sumesemplang dito! Be honest at least to yourself. Lalabas at lalabas din yan sa huli. Syempre there should be honesty in a relationship. Kapag naglie ka sa partner mo, ang hirap na ire-build ang trust. Trust is something very very important in a relationship. If you trust eachother, there will be no room for jealousy. I say you should both build trust on the 1st few months. Make him feel secure and loved. Do not resent him or make him feel "not enough." Kung love mo sya, iparamdam mo na syang sya talaga!

9. About  Sex- I strongly advice na wag muna makipag intercourse agad agad. Pigilan mo! Itali mo sarili mo!  Remember, it is a sacred act. Love is sacred. Do it at the proper time. Ideally when you get married. Kapag hindi mo na talaga mapigilan, well, bahala ka na sa buhay mo! hahaha Joke! Do it with only your partner.. wag maging pok pok. bad yun!  Wag kung kani-kanino. Respect yourself girl! Your body is not a toy! Respect your partner as well. It's not all about the sex, though isang part yun... connection yun e (not just physically but in a much deeper sense).   Basta laging tandaan. Be Responsible and make it very very romantic...hindi lang puro you know! Korny kaya nun! hahahahhaha
bye bye make-up

10. Be Simple - Dati, hindi ako makalabas ng bahay ng walang make-up. Feeling ko noon, I have to put color on my face to look pretty until narealize ko na beauty radiates from within. Ngayon, kahit wala akong make-up, I feel much more pretty sa totoo lang. It is how you feel from the inside. Walang effort. Kung ano man ako, tanggap ko at mahal na mahal ko ang buong pagkatao ko. If you practice this, your partner will definitely feel it and will be happy of course. Do it for yourself girl! Alamin mo yung mga bagay na essential. It pays to have a good attitude and mindset. You'll earn not only your partner's respect but others as well.

most important of all ... LOVE yourself. LOVE the REAL YOU and all else will follow. Fill yourself with love... and when you are overflowing with it... natural nalang ang lahat. You'll have more than enough love to share. Respect yourself girl! Kapag pinakita mo sa bf mo na karespe-respeto ka, mas gagalangin ka nya believe me. You must know what you want but be sure to respect him as well.  If you love him, you will respect him... automatic na yun. Why would you hurt the one you love dba?

Mga reyna tayo remember! We should be treated like queens! Pero syempre we have to show them na queenly nga tyo! Regal! Sophisticated, hindi cheap! Hindi mga desperada!  Hindi basta basta. Lady like! Poised parin. Educated, fun to be with. Make them proud na tyo ang girl nila! We're more than just trophies! Gets?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Akong AKO!

Time out muna ulit sa inglisan...
Meron nga pala akong personal blog... ngayon ko lang ulit nadalaw!
busy eating
Hindi naman talaga ko nawala.. mejo nalipat lang ang atensyon ko.
Nagdecide kse ko last month na mejo maging serious sa food blogging at
food photography kaya gumawa ako ng ibang blog exclusively for food. Ayoko naman
kse dito ipost kse nakakahiya naman na mabasa ng buong mundo ang mga
kaemohan ko! ahehehe.

Masarap din palang balikan at basahin yung mga nakaraan kong entries.
Ganun pala ko magsulat! Pati ako nagugulat sa sarili ko minsan!

Wala akong pinag-sisisihansa mga nasulat ko dahil alam kong totoo ang lahat ng 'yon.
Kahit gano pa kakorny o ka-emo... hello? Lahat naman tyo may ganung time....
at walang masama sa pagpapaka-totoo.

Looking back.... ibang-iba na ko ngayon. Ok nga kse it's a sign of growth. A better and better
Mae habang tumatagal. Naachieve ko na din yung gusto kong mafeel....
yung maging AKO..... AKONG AKO!
Karamihan ng mga tao, mga titles, fame at material things ang mga nais maachieve, ako, gusto ko lang kilalanin ang sarili ko at magawa ang mga bagay na nakapagpapasaya at magbubuo ng katauhan ko.

Naranasan ko na ang sobrang malungkot.... kaya ngayon dapat sobrang saya naman!
Fair naman ang buhay e, nasatin lang talaga kung pano natin dadalhin ang mga sarili natin.
Kung feel mo na lagi ka nalang bigo, payo ko, kilalanin mo nalang muna ang sarili mo...
baka meron tayong dapat baguhin. Bobo lang ang magsasabing hindi na sya kailanman
magbabago. Dapat matuto tayong sumunod sa "natural law." The only constant thing is life is
change. Matuto tayo dapat sumabay sa agos. Sumabay in a sense na dapat nating tanggapin
ang mga pangyayari sating buhay... hindi yung tipong sabay ka nalang lagi sa uso.. sa mga
nakararami. Hindi porke uso na e maganda na. Hindi po kailangang sumunod sa uso kundi
mo ito feel talaga. Matuto sana tayong manindigan sa mga gusto natin.

Katulad kahapon, habang nakaharap ako sa salamin at nagsusuklay... sabi ko sa buhok ko,
"baket hindi ka tumitino, kahit anong suklay ko, kumukulot ka parin?" sagot naman ni buhok,
loving my curly hair
"e sa gusto ko e!" ok fine curly! You win! Dapat tanggapin ko nalang yun.... law of nature!
Natural na kumulot ang hair ko.. FINE! Sa isang banda.. at least di ko na kelangang pumunta sa salon
para magpakulot dba? Ang mahal kaya nun! Narealize ko, mas ok nga ganito ang hair ko.... ang cute nga e!
Karamihan sa mga Pinoy ang "ideal girl" para sa kanila ay yung mga petite, chinita, tisay, mahaba ang buhok,
nakarebond, sexy, mahinhin, hindi nagsasalita.... in short, HALAMAN!! ahahahha Madami din dyang mga girls, nagpapanggap maging "cool" at "matalino" kuno  para magpacute sa mga boys! Puro nalang boys! As if mamamatay sila kapag walang boys na pumupuri sa kanila! che! Pero hay.... lalabas din ang tunay in the long run I'm sure!! As in!
ako na ang clown ng buhay mo!

E pano naman ako nyan? average lang ang height ko, hindi ako chinita, morena, kulot ang buhok, walang balak
magparebond, chubby (pero almost pang FHM na), boyish, cowboy, hindi kikay at madaldal... hmmm
E ano naman ngayon? E AKO ITO Eh! Puro panlabas lang naman ang mga to...
I know my worth.. I know my value.. I know who I am.. I stand for what I believe in. I'm perfect the way I am. I am ME!

Madalas, nahihiwagaan ako sa sarili ko at sa mga kakayahan ko. Hindi man ako,
yung tipong malihim at puno ng mysteryo dahil sa aking "expressive" nature....
mayroon akong natatagong mysteryo saking katauhan na kahit ako mismo ay pilit paring inaalam.
Marahil dahil may mga bagay akong bigla-biglang nagagawa at naiisip.... kung ano man ang mga
ito... atin nalang abangan.Expect the unexpected! Magaling kaya ko sa mga sorpresa!! Thrilling diba?

Anyway, naisip ko, cge I'd still post here at my personal blog from time to time.... Kapag feel ko!
Ke may makabasa o wala (sana wala).... keri lang! wala ko pake!!!

sikwet muna syempre!

Sa ngayon, busy-busihan ako sa pagsulat ng mga liriko para sa mga bago kong kanta.
Aaminin ko, madalas wala akong maisulat  sa dami ng mga naiisip ko...  nakakaaliw nga e.
Nagfo-flow nalang ang ideas bigla pero mejo hindi pa ko satisfied, alam ko may mga igaganda pa.
Naisip ko gawan ng kanta yung ex ko, pero naisip ko din na waste of time lang. Id' rather write
something happy. Ayoko na magdwell sa painful past. Graduate na ko dun e. Kung gagawa man ako, it would be some sort of thanks to him for setting me free. Hinding hindi ko matutuklasan ang sarili ko kundi kme naghiwalay. Masasabi kong mas masaya na ko ngayon and I wanna wish him love and happiness kse yun naman ang deserve nating lahat. Kaya eto,
karamihan ng mga nasususulat ko, puro tungkol sa mga tao sa paligid ko. Mga mensaheng tanging
sa awitin ko lang mailalabas. Hindi ako experto sa pagsulat ng kanta. Alam kong madaming-madami
pa kong dapat pag-aralan. Hindi ako teknikal na tao, kung ano ang nasa puso ko, sinusulat ko. I will still do my best as always!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Holiday!

lunch at Pizza Hut
Let me tell you on how I celebrated my birthday this year....

You see, days before the big day, I felt very down. I'm used to having the birthday blues. I dunno... probably 'coz I have this feeling that no one would remember me etc....I know it ain't true (just look at the greetings a got on my wall. I even suffered from a migraine that day due to too much text messages).

It wasn't until May 9th that I thought of an agenda for the big day. I had a couple of plans... I wanted to go to a hat factory to buy a chic fascinator. I even tried calling some restos for table reservations but deep inside, I really didn't know what to do. All I knew that time was I wanted to be with the right people and that I wanted that day to be stress free and simple.

May 10th came and I was glad that the sun came out finally after the recent typhoon which came to the country! I invited Badeth to have lunch and hopefully think of something to do. I felt glad when she told me Frank was to join us after his shift. I really thought he won't make it. Too bad Michelle couldn't join us due to some family matters.
Anyway, and so there we were, the 3 of us... hanging out at Pizza Hut Bistro, chowing on some Carbonara Pizza, Raviolis and Cheese Puffs while chatting like crazy and shared some good laughs.
cheese puffs

I'm glad Badeth came


carbonara pizza

havin' a great time...

After eating, Frank invited us to the arcade. I may say, it's been a long time since I last went to the arcade so what the heck!? I'm always game for anything! He mentioned about this game that was addicting.... I felt excited and a little scared for I knew he would easily influence us to be addicts as well! hehehe
The 3 of us happily marched down the arcade and as soon as we entered, he asked me to pick the prize I wanted. I picked the cute pig stuffed toy 'coz it looked so cuddly! hehehehe Frank then had some  bills converted into 1 peso coins and we were all set!
I used to be a Doraemon fan...

picking my gift...

weeeee! so hapeee!!

frank with his magic coin!

meet Booby!!

And yes! As expected.... we were instantly hooked! ahahahaha we inserted the coins one by one as the machine rolled out its tickets. We were dead serious to get as many as we could! ahahahahah after God knows how long, we finally decided to stop and gathered all the tickets!! Weeeeee!! I think we got more than 3500 points so he asked me to pick another prize! Yey! Yey!! This time, I chose the cute garfield doll! I got 2 dolls that day! Thanks to Frank and Badeth! I named the pig Booby and the garfield doll after Frank!
with coach

we won a couple of these

heheheh evidence

highly addictive

keep em coming!!!

Booby was thrilled!!!

certified  addicts!!
waaaahhh loads of tickets!


I can't believe we got all these

busy counting the tickets

woooohoooo! my 2nd doll! Meet Frank and Booby!

When I got home, mom gave me her gift. It was a simple emerald rosary. She chose emerald after the gem for my birth month. It was lovely and I liked it a lot. Of course she gave it to me so I will never forget to call on God.
never run out of faith

Friday came and it was time to treat my team for some afternoon snacks...
I ordered a special local noodle dish called Pancit Lucban at a famous Pancit Lucban resto along with some other finger foods. We bought some balloons and placed it on our stations. I wanted to hold a mustache party but I didn't find enough free time to make some mustaches that day. Anyway, the day turned out to be great! I also got some gifts from them...
a simple feast

delicious pancit Lucban

my birthday card filled with wishes

me and my officemate Ace

with my boss Elly

with kuya Albert!

with Naomi!
the gifts I got... a hat and a glam necklace

I believe with the huge amount of friends I have, this is gonna be a month long celebration for sure! hehehe
I got teary eyed when I saw the greetings and wishes of friends and supporters on my facebook wall. I was really touched! I really felt loved!
31 is the new 21

Age is just a number... I'm thankful to have reached this age. I'm thankful because I'm physically and mentally stable. I'm thankful because I have a set of friends to die for. I don't really feel old and all my friends tell me I don't look like 31 at all due to the happy vibe I got! I wonder what's in store for me this year....

Plans? yeah I do.... but not grand ones for now. I'm just taking it easy. I'm even at a point wherein I feel I wanna retire from singing on stage and just write songs instead. I wanna be more serious is taking pictures for now... my aim is to be more simple and be more true to myself. Gone are the days where I always grave for weekend gimmiks, gigs and alcohol. Nowadays, I'm rediscovering the homebody in me. I'm happy doing chores and cooking meals for friends. Last year, I wanted to be so glam and fab but this time, I just wanna stick on where I'm comfortable... to stay as simple yet sophisticated as possible. Simplicity is elegance...

I just wanna be ME!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

31 Lessons

31? u must be kidding me!
As I add another year to my crazy beautiful life, I couldn't help but reflect on the things which I've learned as well as the things which I'm thankful for. =)

I didn't live an easy life.... but I may say that those ups and downs have made this 31-year existence really remarkable with all the places I've seen, struggles surpassed and people whom I have crossed paths with. Each with their own lessons to learn and memories to keep.

I know I'm far from being a life expert ( and I don't intend to be one). I know I still have a lot of things to learn and lessons to share. I'm thankful for having established a good reputation over the years by being a role model to some. I'm grateful that many people appreciate my works and value the advices which I give them.

So for this week's entry, I've decided to list down and share to you 31 valuable life lessons/realizations which I learned over the years...

1. .. that VICTORY is much SWEETER when you worked hard to achieve it

2. .. that problems must be dealt HEAD ON.

3. .. that we must learn to be RESPONSIBLE for our actions.. face them with a head up high

live, love and laugh
4. .. we may claim and think that other people always try to pull us down and never want to see us succeed  but the truth is.... the only person hindering us is only OURSELVES

5. .. that GENUINE KINDNESS goes a looooong way

6. .. that we should never be afraid to say I LOVE YOU and show people how much we care!

7. .. that we should learn to APPRECIATE and value the people who choose to stay with us

8. .. age doesn't equal to wisdom. There are many elders who are still shallow and immature

9. .. that we should always make our parents PROUD and feel loved. Family first!

10. .. that saying sorry is never an act of weakness. we should never be ruled by selfish pride

11. .. physical beauty fades in building a strong foundation of friendship is a lasting bond

12. .. always strive to live with HONESTY. It really pays to live a life with INTEGRITY.

13. .. strive to know yourself and develop your innate gifts, always spend alone time with yourself to clear your thoughts and ponder

14. .. that TIME is so precious that we should spend it wisely

appreciate the people around you
15. .. always keep in mind that whenever you're DOWN,  there's no other way to go but UP!!!!

16. ..that we must learn on how to control ourselves especially with the things which we
        know are harmful for us.

17. ..we must know when to fight as well as on how to gracefully accept defeat

18. .. that our most valuable asset is our MIND. We should invest in our minds more than our bodies.

19. .. that we should never settle for less.  We all deserve to be treated well!

20. .. that we must choose our friends WISELY and the people we tell our secrets to

21. .. that we must strive to have a least 1 worthwhile hobby  to make life more exciting

22. .. that it's never too late to develop a skill. Age is just a number!

23. .. that sex is GOOD and a SACRED act!

24. .. that we should always reward ourselves for working hard and being good

25. .. that we should always carry a pocketful of CONFIDENCE anywhere we go

26. ..that we don't have control over other people but only ourselves

value relationships
27. .. that we should never underestimate people or judge a person with what they wear... every person having a decent job deserves RESPECT

28. .. keeping a low profile and staying HUMBLE is best! Nothing beats a simple life!

29. .. that we should stay LOYAL and faithful to relationships which are worth keeping

30. .. that you should not be afraid to stand up for what you BELIEVE in

31. .. that being BEAUTIFUL is a choice, and that we should always choose it!

in full bloom

31 years..... but it seems I've just started living. I know I have a long long way to go. More people to meet...
more lives to touch..
.......but with only one set of lips to kiss. 

If there is something I'd like to promise myself right now... I believe that would be
to never stop trying...
to never stop hoping...
to never stop dreaming and to


and the journey goes on.....