Tuesday, January 25, 2011

V-day Suggestions.....

photo by Mangored
It seems that many people have been asking me about some Valentine's Day gimmiks.

Am I a love guro? hahahha it's really weird! Probably because I'm known for my creative ideas that's why people usually seek my advice. I've decided to write it as early as now so you may plan way ahead!

It feels a little awkward because I myself don't really have someone to share this special day with but I do wish I'd get invited by someone though.

Honestly speaking, V-day isn't really that big for me coz showing your love to someone doesn't really need a special day.. you can do it at any day as often as you please. But anyway, ok ok due to insistent public demand, I've listed down some of my simple and practical ideas for V-day!

1. Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

    - I must say, I've been dying to experience this for years but no one has invited me yet.
      A romantic dinner, sunset bay cruise and serenade for only 550php per head is a sure
      nice way to show love to your partner. Better book early! http://www.corregidorphilippines.com/mbc.html

2. Your very own  Photo shoot
    - Invite your favorite photographer to shoot pictures of you. With the rise of hobbyists all over the country, I'm sure you can find someone whom can capture and immortalize those precious moments. If you don't know any... ehem ehem... I can always offer you my services! *wink* wink* www.majicanimayo.blogspot.com

3. Kiss him/her in the morning a soon as he/she wakes up and eat breakfast in bed!
    - I find this gesture very sweet. I believe it'll be much more sweet if you cook breakfast yourself. It doesn't really need to be fancy. It may some pancakes, fruits, cereal, bacon and eggs or even the classic silogs would be perfect!

4. A handwritten Love letter.
   - I believe in effort! I believe that handwritten letters are very very personal and nothing beats any gesture or gift with a personal touch for it makes the person feel very special. Feel free to be very creative with your letter! Just make sure that everything you write there is true ok? And please try not to copy from the internet.

5. Bake some Valentine Cookies!

   - These are really cute! Cookies are also very easy to make and you can be very creative with your designs. If you don't know how to bake, try visiting ArtCakes at your nearest SM Malls and take a look at their cookies and cakes!

6. Stay home and simply spend the day together!
    - Hotels and restos will surely be fully booked  during this day and when both of you have nowhere to go, I believe spending it at your own home would be best! You can do lots of activities at home like cooking a special dinner. Buy a nice bottle of wine and some chocolates to kick it up a notch! It also won't hurt to grab some blooms for her! Romantic movies are lame so I suggest watch a really hilarious film to catch some good vibes!

photo by Mangored
7. Romantic Dinner at Bellini's!
patiently waiting for the one =)
    - I believe that this is a romantic place to dine! Nuf said!  Try a glass of their sweet red wine, pizza, pasta and antipastos!It's located at the Cubao Expo.

If you noticed, I didn't suggest any getaways or expensive tours... I guess I just wanna prove that you don't need to spend a fortune just to show someone how special they are.

Also my friends, V-day isn't about giving expensive stuff. If you can afford it, why not? Go book yourself a room with a very own jacuzzi inside. You may find one in Laguna for sure!! There are many resorts there! Or you may both get a couple's massage at your favorite spa like the Nurture SPA in Tagaytay

Whatever you may decide to do, enjoy it! Cherish it! Takes pictures!

No matter how extravagant or practical the celebration is... it all boils down to the 2 of you!
Just have a damn great time! As long as both of you are together..... any place will be perfect! *sigh*

For me, I dunno... I don't really have any concrete plans yet.But if you were to ask me, I'd definitely prepare a nice dinner for 2 and spend the night just talking while holding hands... and wait until I fall asleep in his arms! Beat that!  AWWWWWW somebody stop me!

Also, do yourselves a favor and please DO NOT quarrel on this day ok?

Hope you liked me suggestions and please feel free to add more ideas which you have in mind!

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leilani said...


pangga said...

Everyday is like a V-day for us to celebrate. Making memories and sharing laughter. We are not extravagant people so most probably we would enjoy cooking at home together. Yap, watching funny movies at home with food and wine while the light is out and maybe... hmmm... I'm naughty, so... Come... what... may! haha.

Mae Ilagan said...

yes agree! cooking together is really sweet! ahahahahah yeah lights out dapat! yun na yun!! ahahahaha